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Here you will read stories written by the actual people that have had a divine or miraculous experience.

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Lynn Valentine
My Story-Angels Everywhere
One beautiful morning I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine and a cup of coffee. I had written a little trivia book and had so much fun doing it that I set out on a quest of finding my next subject to write about.
Ideas flooded my mind for months. I would think of things to write about day and night, and even in the middle of the night as I tossed and turned. Nothing really 'clicked' though.
As I sipped on my coffee, I was looking into the beautiful blue sky when I spotted something fluttering down. Slowly, gently in the breeze was a tiny white downy feather. I watched it as it blew every which way until it fell softly on the table I was sitting at.
I remember how pretty and pure it looked.
It reminded me of an angel somehow.
"That's it! An angel book. I want to write about angels." So, I got on the phone and called my mom and told her of my idea. Silence on the other end. I asked her if she was alright and she started crying. She told me that she had been visited by an angel after my little sister had died at age four.
I was awestruck. I asked why she had never told me the story before and she said she was afraid I wouldn't believe her. I did.
Later during the week, I told my mom's story to some of the girls at church and one of them told me she had seen an angel as well. The more I told the story, the more people came up to tell me of their "Angel encounters."
Before I knew it, I had compiled enough stories to make a book. I found a publisher and now have had several books published. I will continue to add more books to the list as long as people like you send them to me.
If you had felt or seen or experienced an angel encounter of some kind or experienced a miracle or a divine answer to prayer, please leave your story in the comment box below. Ask others to contribute or read some of the stories here as well.
I look forward to reading YOUR stories here, too.
Lynn Valentine